VMWARE VCLOUD DIRECTOR 9.5 Released and what’s new?

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The new version of vCloud Director is being released and I wanted to do a quick writeup on what to expect with the new version and all the features that will be available.

Most interesting in my standpoint. If you are a developer working in vCD Cloud are the new integration with NSX-T and Kubernetes. Beeng able to provision containers into the vCD Cloud your company might have in place today. NSX-T is only in an initial integration at the moment, but will surely get full integration as we move forward with the product.

Read the full Blog about the new version. And checkout the datasheet Here.

What’s new in vCloud Director 9.5?


Deeper Integration with NSX

• Integrated into vCD: universal transport zone, universal logical switch and universal logical router now integrated into vCD
• Local egress is supported, active-active or active-standby
• Stretch L2 network across org VDCs in different vCenters/PVDCs in the   same site and across different sites
• Each network can be stretched across up to four Org VDCs
• IP address management (static and DHCP) for cross-VDC networks

Initial Integration with NSX-T

• NSX-T and NSX-V managers in the same vCD instance
• Regular vSwitch and DPDK vSwitch (ENS) for VLAN and Overlay
• Directed connected network (imported from NSX-T logical switch)
• Provider Virtual Datacenters allow clusters of hosts with and without ENS


Complete tenant user experience, including:
• User Management
• RBAC Management
• Organization Management

• Expanded Provider Portal
• RBAC Management
• Organization VDC Management

Improved RBAC

• Cascading levels of access
• Implement a flat, consistent, intuitive set of rights

What are the key features of VMware vCloud Director?

• Multi-tenant Resource Pooling: easily create virtual datacenters from common infrastructure to cater to heterogeneous enterprise needs. Policy- driven approach ensures enterprises have isolated virtual resources, independent role-based authentication and fine-grained access control.

• Multi-site Management: stretch data centers across sites and geographies and monitor these resources across sites from a single pane of glass.

• 3rd-party ISV Services: vCloud Director has an extensible UI that can be leveraged by 3rd-parties and Cloud Providers to natively integrate and publish services on the vCloud Director UI. For example, Dell EMC Avamar has natively integrated their Data Protection capabilities right onto the vCD UI.

• Datacenter Extension and Cloud Migration: enable simple, secure VM migration and data center extension with vCloud Director Extender. Allows for true hybridity, enterprise-driven workflows, seamless connectivity and cold or warm migration options.

• Operational Visibility and Insights: refreshed dashboard for centralized multi-tenant cloud management views. Leverage vRealize Operations’ native integration with vCloud Director using advanced analytics, chargeback and more for deep visibility into enterprise environments.

• Containers-as-a-Service: vCloud Director provides an easy on-ramp for enterprises, by delivering containers and VMs in the same virtual datacenter and faster time-to-consumption for Kubernetes, using the Container Services Extension.

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