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Professional Services

CPS - Catbird Professional Services provide solutions to customer challenges and problems.

CPS assist in creating Solution Architecture, utilizing design and deployment to make technology work for the organization and its current technology stack.

Trusted Advisor

CTA - Catbird Trusted Advisor act as trusted advisor helping clients reach positions of great advantage within IT.

CTA engage in technology projects to help businesses compare different solutions and recommend the best one based on the requirements.


CS - Catbird Support provide and assist customers with supporting services.
Troubleshooting issues, planning and execute upgrades and migration project. CS act as specialists between the vendors and clients to help with the Technology Terms.

Based in Sweden, Catbird is an IT consulting services provider and specializes in VMware solutions.

What does it means to call someone a Catbird?
Being in a position of advantage or superiority. The term originated in the American South, where the catbird is quite common.

At Catbird we strive in helping our customers reach positions of great advantage within IT. We do everything with the customer goals, businesses and requirements in mind.

Working within technical advisory, architectual and implementation-projects by utilizing technology that improves the ways of working and by delivering consultancy services that secures, speeds up ways of working and lowers costs.

We focus at being cutting edge and in the frontline learning, certifying, teaching customers how to be better and solve challenges with technical solutions for the On-Premise Datacenter and Cloud.

DataCenter, App Modernization, Multi Cloud, Network and Security and Telco are as well areas in which Catbird specialize in and help our customers.

Working with VMware solutions since 2005 specializing and certifying with the products we work with is important to us. Catbird have around 30 certifications within VMware solutions, and strive of being up-to-date with the latest certificates at all times.

Catbird have certifications within VMware for Telco, VMware for Cloud Service Providers, VMware NSX, and VMware Tanzu and related skills around the products that are needed to be able to deliver a full packaged solution for our customers.


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