What’s new and awesome with VMware NSX for vSphere 6.4.1 features and licensing.

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I wanted to do give some important changes regarding the latest version update of NSX for vSphere 6.4.1 that was released on May 24 2018.

VMware have with this release created a new licensing model that is not that completely different from before but it has some new additions that might be good to be aware of if you are planning to start using NSX.

The new license release is named VMware NSX Data Center. With the same tiers as before; Standard, Advanced, Enterprise Plus and Remote Branch Office.

There are some differences that now is available from before.

When it comes to the Advanced and Datacenter Advanced Editions and Enterprise Plus and

NSX Data Center Enterprise Plus editions

Starting to compare the Advanced Editions you will from 6.4.1 get the following change.

Cross vCenter Networking & Security


Controller Architecture

  • Universal Controller for X-VC


Overlay to VLAN bridging
  • Hardware VTEP (OVSDB) with L2 Bridging
  • Universal Distributed Logical Switching

Distributed Routing

  • Universal Distributed Logical Router

Edge Routing N/S

  • Egress Routing Optimization in X-VC

The above editions gives organizations the opportunity to run cross vCenter NSX. With all the features that is required. This was something you needed Enterprise Plus license for before.

Regarding the license for NSX Data Center Enterprise Plus you get the following additions compared to Enterprise Plus:

The Description for it states the following:

NSX Data Center Enterprise Plus: For organizations that need the most advanced capabilities of NSX Data Center, plus vRealize Network Insight for network visibility and security operations, and NSX Hybrid Connect for hybrid cloud mobility.

This means as of version 6.4.1 of NSX if you buy the licenses for Advanced Plus you will also get licenses included for running vRealize Network Insight.

This is a great thing, since it means that you will have the ability to do all the things that vRNI offers.

For all of you who do not know or want to know more about vRealize Network Insight you can read about it more on this link.

For reading about the release notes and comparison about the editions please below referenced links:



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