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I’m in Atlanta this week for the VMWare Empower 2018 Conference.

I will update this page with workshops I will be attending and update with information with stuff that are not under NDA.

The Empower 2018 has started

Here are the keynote takeaways:

General session:

Things to look out for

VMware Cloud on AWS

AWS Greengrass – allowing select AWS services to run on vSphere in the data center or at the edge (IoT)

Plan your migration to VMware Cloud on AWS session:

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Data Center Extension
  • Disaster Recovery

Before you embark on the trip to migrate you workloads over to Vmware Cloud on AWS it is important to do an assessment and casestudy on the applications that you are currently running in your On-Premise datacenter.

Gather the data and information

Make sure to find application dependencies

Estimate the cost per year you as a company today have on running a certain application On-Prem. Total costs (Datacenter, cooling, power consumption, OPEX and CAPEX costs etc) put this into comparison with running it in the Cloud. Maybe it is a fit for your need or maybe it’s not.

A thorough assessment before can save you alot of time and money in the end.

Important to also know is that it is free to run 10 applications for evaluation in Vmware Cloud on AWS for 3 weeks at this point in time.

Remember to perform network and costinsight and confirm how the process looks in migrating to the cloud.

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