Part I – Setup full vCenter with NSX Environment vAPP in vCloud Director

Published by Jimmy Mankowitz on

In this Blog post I will setup a full vCenter with NSX Environment.
The Setup is going to contain
1 Domain Controller based on Windows Server 2016
1 RDS Remote Desktop Server used for maintaining the environment
2 Management ESXi hosts
2 Compute ESXi hosts
1 Openfiler iSCSI VM used to provision shared storage to ESXi hosts.

Inside the ESXi hosts I will the setup:
1 VCSA 6.5 – Vcenter Server Appliance 6.5
1 PSC – Platform Service Controller
1 NSX Manager
3 NSX Controllers

The purpose of doing this is to be able to have a fully usuable vAPP Datacenter (DC1) lab environment for training and learning about Vmware NSX.
In the continuation in another blog I will clone the vAPP created and setup a second vAPP Datacenter called DC2. This is for connecting the two DCs togheter to test out the Cross vCenter with NSX design that I will discuss later on.

The brief design of my vAPP will look like this:


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